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You can use ga send event code in onclick event for any part of the webpage. Try this method to execute in anyplace you want to track such as a button,link,tabs,etc. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Nov 29 '13 at 0:00. Ishara Shehan Ishara Shehan. 446 3 3 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges See the field reference for individual field documentation.. Examples. See the command methods section below for individual command examples.. Ready callback. Invoking the ga() command queue function by passing it a function will schedule the passed function for execution at the next point in the queue.. Since commands are only executed after the analytics.js library is fully loaded, the most. The event tracking code for an event tracked link in Universal Analytics looks like this: onclick=ga('send', 'event', 'Category', 'Action', 'Label', 'Value'); The code is placed after the href link text as illustrated in the example below I am trying to send an event to Google Analytics when clicking on a specific button. this is my button ID: (#data_243342) This is my GA script to push on clicking on the above button The rule of thumb is, track those types of users' interactions, using 'event tracking' which are not equivalent of a page being viewed. For example, following users' interactions are not the equivalent of a page being viewed and should be tracked via event tracking (and not by virtual pageviews): viewing of a video, viewing video footage of certain length, clicking on a video's play.

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In the above syntax, eventType describes an event and callback refers to a Function that must be performed when the event occurs. Since this API is designed to send engagement data to third party applications, the event generally refers to an instance of the engagement Analytics data being recorded An excellent alternative to UTM parameters is a GA event, attached to a click on a Fomo notification. (Make sure you remove all UTM parameters from your Website > Site > Settings before continuing.) How it works. Your website visitor clicks a Fomo notification; GA event fires and is visible inside your Analytics porta

Most of the time websites send data to Google Analytics using their JavaScript method, and most of the time this works great. However, there are other times that you really need to send a pageview or an event to Google Analytics from the server-side. Converting your server-side data to JavaScript in order to be sent [ Using All Event Fields for Goal Setup. Beyond the event value metric, we have a lot of flexibility in creating event Goals. First, you'll head to the Goals section of your View Settings and create a new, Event Goal. Because there are four fields for Events, we can use any combination to trigger the goal The hit above sent two events: a page_view event and a scroll event, both with some custom parameters.. In this article, I'll help you come to terms with the terminology used above. Event tag in Google Tag Manager. While Google Analytics 4 implementation via Google Tag Manager is still somewhat in beta (even if GA4 itself isn't), it's still more than possible to set an entire GA4. ga('send', 'pageview'); ga('t0.send', 'pageview'); This is clear, yes? The reason you'd want to rename the tracker is if you're running multiple trackers on the page, or due to some very special edge cases I might or might not touch upon later in the article (I'm just making this stuff up as I go along)

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Syntax: ga('send', 'timing', 'category', 'name', time, 'label); Category: It can by any text value. It helps you group together various timing events with a meaningful name. Name: It can by any text value that precisely defines the timing event. Time: The time user need to fulfil the goal. Time to be defined in milliseconds If you're tracking just barebones GA without any customizations -- such as event tracking or custom variables -- you simply need to swap out your existing GA page tracking with the new code: If you're using custom tracking, you'll need to update the syntax of that tracking, as well. The complete UA syntax is available here Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM), though designed with traditional round-trip-based websites and web applications in mind, can be configured to work properly with single page applications (or SPAs)

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